FAQ Page

Questions about our policy?

What is the warranty on a chandelier?

You have a two-year warranty on the chandeliers.


Is there free shipping?

Yes, there is free shipping for all locations in The Netherlands & Belgium. Do you live outside Belgium & The Netherlands? We do ship worldwide! Look for the shipping fee in our online store. 


Is there an installation service?

We have an installation service. Our chandeliers are installed by an expert to ensure that your chandelier will be attached to your ceiling properly. In our online store you will find by product information if there is a installation service for the chandelier and in which country's. Do you live outside the country's of the installation service? We will provide with your order a customized installation plan which will guide you through the installation process step by step.


How long does it take to get my chandelier delivered at my door?

We do everything we can to deliver as quickly as possible. Our chandeliers are handmade and most of them are made by order or custom-made. Delivery time you will find in the product description. Most of the time 1 – 3 weeks. Do you need the chandelier faster? Please contact us for the possibilities.  


Is it safe to order online?

It is very safe to order online. Our website uses an SSL encryption for payments. This makes sure that your privacy is secure and you can pay for your order in a safe environment. We also have risk-free shipment. This means that your shipment will be insured and provided with a track & trace code. This makes ordering a chandelier via our website completely risk-free and yo can track you shipment at any given time.


What if I’m not satisfied and want my money back?

Not completely satisfied with your purchase? No problem! You have a 30-days money back guarantee to return the product and you will get your purchase refunded. Except for custom-made chandeliers and chandeliers made with adjustments for our customers especially for you here apply different conditions.


What if my chandelier is not defect or not functioning?

What if the chandelier you ordered is defect or not functioning? You can return the product and you can have it repaired at no cost. That is because every chandelier you purchase with us has a 2 year warranty! You can get a refund the malfunction occurs within the first 30 days as part of our money back guarantee.


Questions generally about a chandelier?


Why should I get a chandelier for my room?

Are you looking for an exquisite ambiance in your home? A chandelier transforms a room completely, it literally lights up your living space or office. Whether you are looking for a spectacular entrance in your hallway, want to radiate professionalism in your building or want to attract people to your shop? A chandelier will add that element of class.


How to chose which chandelier in my house?

Do you find it difficult to pick a nice chandelier to put in your house? Are you at a loss to find something that matches your style? We’re here to help! You can request a free light advice session with our chandelier experts. Send us an email to info@groenensteynlighting.com and attach photos of your current housing situation and your preferences for the chandelier. We will help you through every step of the way with selecting the perfect chandelier for your house!


How to properly clean a chandelier?

Are you worried that having a chandelier means a lot of cleaning work? On average, you need to clean a chandeliers once a year. Use a piece of micro fiber cloth and it takes about 1.5 hours to fully  clean your chandelier. This only applies to a smoke-free, well ventilated environment. If you do smoke or hang the chandelier in a damp environment, you may need to clean 2 or 3 times a year.


Will my chandelier illuminate enough?

Are you afraid that the chandelier hasn’t produce enough light? Our chandeliers will illuminate any room properly! This is ensured by the design. The chandeliers are made in such a way that lighting is provided in all directions, 360 degrees. Plus the chandelier has, on average, 12 up to 16 light points. Would you prefer less light and romantic dining under your chandelier? Then we advise to have a dimmer installed by an electrician to dim the lights accordingly.


Does a chandelier consume a lot of electricity?

With multiple lightning points a chandelier will consume a bit more electricity than your standard lamp. If you leave the chandelier on for more than 3 hours a day, we recommend using LED light bulbs. If you use older type of bulbs a chandelier will consume a lot more. Our chandeliers are shipped with special lightning bulbs for extra ambience. They do however consume more electricity than LED.


Does my ceiling need to be reinforced in order to install a chandelier?

Depending on the weight of the chandelier, you may need to reinforce the ceiling. Call our experts so that they can make an assessment and give you advice on your situation. For example, chandeliers weighing over 40 kilos (approx. 85 pounds) may need to be hooked into your ceiling for weight distribution.


Are the chandeliers safe?

Our chandeliers are made by certified chandelier experts and comply with all European legislation and guidelines.


Questions about our chandeliers?


What materials we use for our chandeliers?

The materials of our chandeliers are carefully selected. Only the highest quality European materials are used. This translates in very good and perfect quality chandeliers. The chandeliers are made with Swarovski Crystal and the lamps are chrome-plated in the color 24 carat gold or silver! They are finished with a durable transparent lacquer layer. Their products are not only stylish but they also last a long time.


We use the best European materials, including Swarovski crystal from Austria. Why is this particular crystal so pure and beautiful? Swarovski crystal distinguishes itself from any other crystal because of its brilliant cut. This makes the crystal particularly clear, you can see right through it. How do I know it’s crystal and not something like glass or plastic? Because crystal will refracture light in many colours. Which means that when sunlight touches the chandelier it will create a beautiful rainbow effect in your living room!


How is a Groenensteyn chandelier made?

Our chandeliers produced by Groenensteyn Lightning are handmade. The chandeliers are designed, and assembled in their own workshop and each crystal stone is attached by hand. Through years of experience, all products that are made are not only beautiful but also quite rare. Groenesteyn Lightning matches makes chandeliers that matches the wishes and needs of their customers. They solely make custom made chandeliers to give the customer exactly what they are looking for.


Is the chandelier sustainable?

Yes! For example, a chandelier is not a disposable product. It will last a long time because of the high quality materials of which it is manufactured. The crystals made for our chandeliers are produced responsibly and sustainably.